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What has been said about us

"Since the foundation of EuroBrand, we have been partners, and it has been clear from the start what the 24/7 service promise is based on. Whether it's been a matter of a few stickers, large advertising complexes, or rush-job requests, expectations are exceeded time and again. The move from Hakametsä to Areena, the branding of the offices, the branding related to the match events... We are satisfied with every job.We have also often been pleasantly surprised when the whole we received was better than we anticipated when ordering. We also greatly appreciate that the service is customer-oriented and they respond to our needs even before we recognize them ourselves. Every site that has required image, advertising, or branding has been – and will continue to be – executed by EuroBrand."

”The 24/7 service attitude is evident in everything EuroBrand does. It actually encapsulates our cooperation, and EB could not be described any better. In practice, for us, this has meant several tight schedule executions, one example being the move to Areena when less than a week before a local match, furniture, technology, and branding by EuroBrand were being done simultaneously. On the night before the opening, at 2:00 AM, the installers were putting the finishing touches in place, and at that moment, a few additions came to mind. These were handled at six in the morning, and we got the desired result in time for the launch without any delays. I don't believe this kind of service is available anywhere else. The work exudes that the whole team as a unit does the job together. Tappara's brand is extremely valuable and therefore we naturally have high expectations for the quality of work. This has been self-evident for EuroBrand and we can rely on everything going smoothly and being satisfied with the results. I also appreciate that, for example, in the case of player changes, the response is quick, so everything is delivered on time, and nothing 'leaks' forward before the official announcements. Our cooperation has worked out absolutely wonderfully. ”

”There is often a need for branding in the Finlayson area, and it requires our partner to react quickly and be flexible. EuroBrand has fulfilled its promise of 24/7 service, meaning things are taken care of properly and on schedule. The quality and installation work is good, and we can trust that things will be implemented as we wish, no matter the job. Signage updates, brand image-related stickers, banners, or even very small job requests are done reliably and with quality. Our cooperation has been smooth and pleasant!”

”In February 2022, we started planning a new office in Pirkkala Linnakallio. The space was completely undeveloped at first. After space planning in March, we started designing the office's look. From the beginning, the goal was clear and high-quality branding. We wanted to make sure that when you visit us, there is no doubt about whose premises you are in and that our brand is stylishly presented. EuroBrand executed the branding of the Pirkkala branch both inside and out. We moved into the new premises as scheduled in June 2022.The main thing we remember from our cooperation is the good accessibility and quality of work. Everything went as we had agreed in both the design and execution phases, and we were flexible towards us in different stages of the work.For example, the large acrylic signs and panels that we bring to the construction site office are really stylish, and their design and implementation exceeded expectations. We appreciate the service attitude that EuroBrand has in our partnership. ´The end result is of very high quality!”

”I knew I would get a 'turnkey' delivery from EuroBrand; I explained our needs and got a few options from which we started making small changes towards the final result. The decals were on the window very quickly, and the finish was just what we expected.I appreciate the straightforward and easy interaction, without the unnecessary frills that unfortunately many succumb to.”

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