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Sports and Event Branding

Print solutions for visibility in even the largest events

Stand out boldly, stylishly, and impressively!

When organizing events in arenas, convention centers, and other environments, schedules are often challenging, both in the branding done before the event and in the dismantling after the event.

Brand identity builders need to be able to react quickly to changes to ensure a successful outcome, and this requires planning, flexibility, experience, in other words, a 24/7 service attitude. For this reason, we handle a significant number of events throughout the year.

We have carried out print advertising for events like the NHL Global Series, the official fan product stores for IIHF Tampere 2023, as well as ice advertisements and other branding for hundreds of Finnish Hockey League games.

Events are a fantastic opportunity to stand out from the crowd and brand your company’s services. Whether your event is outdoors or indoors, we provide impactful and high-quality branding and printing solutions. We take care of everything from posters, banners, Roll Ups, large-scale images to branded products for your events. We offer print solutions for both individual, one-off events and on an ongoing basis. You can get everything from large advertising sheets to hockey team helmet decals from us.

All this with 24/7 service and a turnkey principle. Tell us about your event, and we will design solutions that are just right for you and stand out the best!

Design and Installation

Our job is to ensure that the result is successful. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive design and installation service that takes care of everything from material design and measurement to quality installation work. We serve 24/7!