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EuroBrand Privacy Policy

Who is the controller of the registry?
EuroBrand Finland Oy (Business ID: 3208946-8)

Visiting address:
Kukonkorventie 9
37560 Lempäälä, FINLAND
Postal address:
Härmälänkatu 32
33900 Tampere

Who can I contact regarding the registry?
EuroBrand Finland Oy
Juha Alén
0400 432 977

What is the name of your registry?
EuroBrand Finland Oy’s customer and marketing registry.

For what purposes do you collect personal data?
We collect and process personal data mainly for the management of customer relationships, such as providing and delivering services, billing, collection, handling of claims, customer support, and handling of return requests. We may also collect and process personal data for our own marketing communications within the limits allowed by law. In some cases, we may also collect and process your personal data to fulfill legal obligations, such as for accounting and authorities.
We collect and process information about job applicants for recruitment purposes, such as assessing the applicant’s suitability and selection.
We store and process your personal data only for your benefit!

What data do you collect?
We may store basic personal information such as name, title, workplace, email address, phone number, and address. We may also store information about ordered services/interests, delivery of ordered services, provided feedback, and billing information. Other information you provide, such as contacts made through chat, may also be stored. In some cases, a person’s IP address may also be registered. Read more about the data we collect through cookies.
With the person’s consent, we may also collect and process other information.

From what sources do you collect personal data?
We mainly collect personal data directly from individuals, for example through website form submissions, chat, email contacts, and made phone calls. We do not record calls, but the number may be stored in the phone and the information provided may be written down. In addition, we can register personal data obtained at events/meetings and other activities. Some information is obtained through cookies used by our website – you can read more about it here.
We may also obtain information from generally available internet sources and other public sources.

To whom do you disclose personal data?
We disclose personal data only as necessary and to the extent necessary to third parties to maintain the functionality and quality of our services. We do not disclose information to third parties for marketing purposes without the person’s written consent.
We may also disclose personal data to external parties as required by Finnish official actions.

Do you transfer data outside the EU or EEA?
We may transfer data outside the EU or EEA in some situations, as some of the cloud services we use may be located outside these areas. In such cases, we ensure that the country has been deemed by the EU Commission to provide adequate data protection, the transfer is made using the EU Commission’s published standard contractual clauses, or that the data recipient is Privacy Shield certified.

How do you protect personal data?
Access to registry data is granted to EuroBrand Finland employees who need it for their work. Data is protected by user-specific credentials and passwords as well as a firewall, antivirus protection, and SSL according to industry common practices. Data is on encrypted servers. Manually processed personal data is stored in a locked location.

How long do you retain personal data?
The retention periods for personal data may vary based on their use and situation. However, retention periods are always reasonable, and we have no need to retain unnecessary information for our operations. Legislation (such as accounting laws) may also require us to retain certain personal data for a specified period.
We also delete data upon the request of the registered individual.

Can I check what data you have collected about me?
As a general rule, everyone has the right to check the data stored about them in the registry. Inspection requests should be sent by email to

There is an error in my information; can you correct it?
Every registered person has the right to request the correction of incorrect data in the registry. Correction requests should be sent by email to The registered person must specify in the email which data they want to update and provide the correct information.

What other rights related to the processing of personal data do I have?
According to Section 30 of the Personal Data Act, the registered person has the right to prohibit the controller from processing personal data concerning him/her for direct advertising, distance selling, and other direct marketing. We will remove the data from the registry at the person’s request or if the professional responsibility area changes. Opting out of the communication registry is done by sending a request by email to

Please note that if you do not provide us with personal data or allow their processing, we probably cannot serve you and provide the desired products/services.